Prepare your high potential, emerging leaders to make a bigger impact, sooner with our Leading With Courage


Workship Outcome

Five Benefits of the Workshop:

1.  Stepped up readiness of high potential, emerging leaders for more demanding roles
2.  Heightened understanding of the nine behaviors that derail a leader's career
3.  Earlier awareness by emerging leaders of their strengths and blindspots
4.  Identification by participants of what they need to stop, start, and continue doing to improve their effectiveness at

      collaborating with others, implementing their plans, and creating a sense of esprit de corps and trust

5.  Increased retention of high potential, emerging leaders because of the investment made in their development
Key Features of the Workshop
  • Based on the #1 Best-Seller book on Amazon USA "Being A Leader with Courage: How To Succeed In Your C-level Position In 18 Months Or Less"
  • Interactive learning experience with individual and small group exercises woven throughout the workshop that keep participants fully engaged


  • Each participant receives a copy of Being A Leader With Courage and a workbook
  • One-half to two-day programs available
  • Live, learning reinforcement webinar after the workshop
  • Choose from 3 levels of insights:

Workshop + Self-Assessment

One and one-half day workshop that includes each participant completing the Leading With Courage Self-Assessment.

Workshop + Self-Assessment + 360-Assessment

One and one-half day workshop that includes each participant completing the Leading With Courage 360 Assessment before the program.

Workshop + Self-Assessment + 360-Assessment + Coaching Session

One and one-half day workshop that includes each participant completing the Leading With Courage 360 Assessment before the program and receiving a confidential, 60 minute, one-on-one coaching session at the end of the second day.  Coaching sessions are conducted by certified executive coaches.

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Why This Workshop Is Different


  • It's about preparing emerging and current leaders for the future and staying ahead of the curve – it’s not about playing “catch up” or being a “charm school.”

  • Participants pair up with an “accountability buddy” for the entire workshop so they can learn from each other during the it and leave the workshop having built at least one new, trusted connection.

  • It's co-facilitated by a senior executive with significant C-Suite experience and a certified executive coach, both of whom provide participants with real world, hands-on experience and a personal touch.

  • Outcomes are measured through pre- and post- program feedback using the proprietary Leaders With Courage 360 Assessment

  • We provide a team of vetted, certified executive coaches with expertise in mentoring and interpreting assessments to advise and counsel participants and help them grow their leadership skills.

  • Content includes segments on culture, listening, delegation, challenging the status quo, and building a high-performing team.

to learn more about or book the Leading With Courage workshop:

Lee Eisenstaedt

Author of Being A Leader With Courage and Founder of Value Drivers, LLC. Lee helps newly appointed and emerging leaders who are anxious about the pressure they are under to make an impact on their businesses. Lee has nearly four decades of experience as a senior finance and operations executive, primarily with SC Johnson, in the U.S. and Europe and received his MBA from Northwestern University.    |    +1 (312) 827-2643

Trent Clark

Former Division I, two-sport athlete and professional MLB Coach with the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels with three (3) World Series appearances and over 25 years coaching experience.  An Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Member, keynote speaker and top-rated mentorship facilitator, Trent has founded seven (7) different businesses and works extensively with entrepreneurs, mentor/mentees, senior executives, senior management/leadership teams and executive staff.  He is the founder of MPower Athletes, Inc.    |    +1 (773) 599-3251

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