The Leading With Courage online assessment provides a 360 degree view of an individual's ability to make an impact on their business

As a current or emerging leader, you're only as good as other people think you are.  What are people saying about you?  Is it how you want to be perceived?
The Leading With Courage℠ 360 Assessment gathers feedback from those around you so you can leverage your strengths and address the blind spots, perceptions and misalignments that need attention to allow you to increase the impact you make on the business by being more effective at creating a sense of esprit de corps and trust, and being more successful at implementing your strategies and plans.
The Assessment measures four key attributes of effective Leaders With Courage:
  • Astute Generalist
  • All Star Relationship Builder
  • Champion of the Culture and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Courageous Decision Maker
Based how you're perceived by others, you'll discover which of nine behaviors that can derail a leader's career you need to be alert to minimize or avoid.

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"Being A Leader With Courage offers pragmatic, easy to understand advice on making a difference as a leader.   ...Any leader or manager will benefit from the ideas in this easy-to-read book."
                    Christine Robins
                         President & CEO of                      Char-Broil, LLC 

"I am excited to share with you that (my bosses) complimented me on working with you and building upon my executive presence. They both said they can see changes already. Thank you for giving me the focus and courage to work on these! It’s true that feedback is a gift and the fact that I am trying has earned points. You were totally right about that!"

Chief Marketing Officer

Top 25 CPA Firm

The Leading With Courage standardized 360 assessment is based on the insights and perspectives gained while researching the book Being A Leader With Courage:  How To Succeed In Your C-level Positiion In 18 Months Or Less" by Lee Eisenstaedt, the founder of Value Drivers, LLC.  The book was published in May 2016.
The focus of the book is the nine derailers of newly appointed C-level executive's career and what successful leaders did to avoid, minimize, or recover from them.



"I thoroughly enjoyed your (book), especially the...categories you defined for CEOs to prioritize and align with to lead, succeed, and create significant impact in an organization.  Yours is a terrific approach, especially when accompanied with the self-assessment tools and feedback."
Donna Adam CFP, CAP
DMA Consulting Group
Best Suited For...
Anyone who has people responsiblity and/or leads the execution of plans:
  • High potential, emerging leaders who are being groomed as the "next generation" of leadership
  • Business owners
  • Partners of professional services firms
  • C-level executives -- CEO, CFO, CHRO, CMO, CIO, etc.
  • Direct reports of owners, leaders, partners, and C-level executives
  • High performers who are leaving an organization to assume a new position
What You'll Get
  • Feedback from an unlimited number of Raters
  • Measurements on the 26 attributes that describe  effective Leaders With Courage
  • Overall score, scores on four categories, and scores on each attribute
  • Identification of which of the nine behaviors that can derail  a leader's career you need to avoid or minimize
  • Complete anonymity of rater feedback
  • All the written comments received in an unedited format
  • Richer insights and a deeper understanding than our Self Assessment is able to reveal
  • Full-color, easy to read report
  • For an additional fee, a 60-minute confidential consultation with a certified executive coach to help you get even more out of your feedback

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